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The West Indian Wedding Traditions include the traditions of Mahrashtrian , Gujrati and Marwari Wedding Traditions.

The Mahrashtrian Weddings are also quite colorful and full with fun and revelry. The auspicious time is first decided and it is called the goraj mohurat. During the marriage ceremony the girl and boy cannot meet. Then after the religious chants of shlokas are over, the Antaarpat is removed and then the garlands are exchanged. After the garlands are exchanged the couple takes 7 rounds around the Fire. This is one of the customs of West Indian Wedding Traditions which is a feature of the Indian Wedding Traditions. Then Laxmi Puja is done and finally the Kanya Daan or Jhal Phirawne is done which means giving away the girl's responsibility to the groom. At the night the reception party is arranged.

The Gujrati Wedding Ceremony are also a part of the West Indian Wedding Traditions. The marriage starts by offering the prayers to the Lord Ganesha. It is followed by the song and dance ritual of Mehendi and Sangeet.

The Marwari Wedding Ceremony also follows the West Indian Wedding Traditions. From a royal look and ambience to a royal wedding style, the Marwari weddings recreate the charm of Rajput era. In the marriage procession everyone rides a horse and carries a sword along with them to emphasize their Rajput traits and character.

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