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The Bengali Wedding Ceremony is one of the gala and elaborate affairs in the Hindu Wedding Ceremony. A typical Bengali wedding is not about fun, revelry and sweets but there are different aspects to it. There are a number of Bengali wedding traditions which are religiously observed during this ceremony.

It all starts with the marriage procession of the groom known as "Borjatri" who arrive at the entrance of the bride's residence and are greeted with fresh flowers. The "Baran Dala" is firstly touched to the groom's forehead by an elderly female relative of the bride's family. The groom then has sweets and sherbet and rosewater is sprinkled on them.

Then the actual ceremony starts where the bride and groom face each other and exchange their garland which is called the "Mala Badal". During the "Saat Paak" the bride sits on a wooden stool and her brothers lift her and carry the bride around the groom seven times in circles which stands for their union forever. These are one of the important aspects of the East Indian Wedding Traditions.

It's during Shubho Drishti the groom gets to see his bride. The bride's father then finally gives her daughter's responsibility to the groom during Sampradan. Then the Saptapadi ritual takes place where they move around the fire and take vows to stay together for a lifetime.

Then follows Basar Ghar, Bashi Biye and finally the Bidaai where the family of the bride bids her farewell. In the groom's house the Bou Baran takes place. The bride is greeted there and she has to enter the house with her feet smeared in Alta and milk to leave her imprints on the floor.

During the Bou Bhaat the bride serves the members of the house and eats her first meal in the husband's house. This is followed by reception at the evening.

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