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Every ritual followed during wedding has some mythological significance and many ancient stories linked, hence every task performed during wedding is purely ethical. And of the very important ritual is saat pheras without which bride and groom cannot declared as couple. The seven vows to be taken during wedding are:

  • The first one where both pray to god for better food and nourishment, to nurture there future life.
  • In the second vows, they pray for healthy and strenghthfull life devoid of any bad deeds.
  • In the third one they asked to god for wealthy life. To give them support even during their hard times, so that they can go together to fight during pain.
  • In the fourth ,both pray to god that there constant love for each other will never get change in any condition .It will always remain pure and unconditional.
  • In the fifth ,couple pray to god for a healthy baby no matter of there gender.
  • In the sixth one, they want to have long life filled with peace together.
  • And at last the seventh one, they both pray for life long companionship, trust with each other.
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